Fee Schedule

As of February 1, 2020

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any apply to your account.

Bylaw requirements:  You must maintain $5.00 in your Share (Savings) Account as a condition of membership

Share(Savings) Accounts Services  
Opening Share Accounts Membership Fee FREE
Excessive Withdrawals
(After 6 withdrawals free for month)
$5.00 each
Returned ACH Item $35.00 each
Closing Share Account (if closed within 365 days of opening)
Closing Share Account (if closed after 365 days of opening)
Dormant Accounts Fee (after one year of inactivity)
An account is considered dormant when no withdrawals or deposits, other than credited dividends, have been made to the account for a period of one year. Members with an active share certificate, IRA, credit card, club accounts or loan are exempt from this fee.
$10.00 month
Official Check $5.00 each
Teller Checks and Money Orders (up to $1,000) $2.00 each
Collections Item $25.00 each
Returned mail or Bad Address $5.00 per item
Print Out of Savings Account $5.00 each
Christmas Club Accounts  
Early Withdrawal Fee. Christmas Club accounts pay out November 1st. $25.00 per withdrawal
Share Draft (Checking) Account Services  
Closing Share Draft Account $5.00 each
Returned check or pre-authorized withdrawal (ACH) due to
non-sufficient (NSF) or uncollected funds
$35.00 per item
Overdrafts or items paid with Overdraft Privilege $35.00 per item
Copy of Share Draft Item (Free in MFCU Online Banking) $5.00 each
Stop payment on a check or pre-authorized withdrawal (ACH) $30.00 each
Statement Copy $5.00 each
Print out of Share Draft Account $5.00 each
Transfer of funds from a Savings account to a Checking account to pay an item, i.e. a check or a pre-authorized withdrawal (ACH) $5.00 each
Check printing...fee depends on the style of checks ordered Varies
Temporary Checks 1st Set of 16 checks at account opening FREE
Temporary Checks after account opening w/o check reorder (4 checks/page) $2.00 per page
Setup $5.00
Withdrawal fee before age 59 ½ 1% or $25.00 whichever is greater
Closure before maturity or transfer to another financial institution $30.00
Online Banking & Bill Payment Fees  
Online Banking, Mobile Banking, E-Statements, E-Alerts FREE
Bill Payment (Not used within three months) $6.95 per month
Bill Payment (Stop Payment Fee) $30.00 each
Bill Payment Research Fee $30.00
Items paid with Overdraft Privilege $35.00 per item
Money Transfer Services  
Domestic Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $25.00 each
International Wire Transfer (Outgoing) $65.00 each
Wire Transfer Incoming FREE
Recurring ACH Authorization agreement FREE
One-time Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH Credit/Debit) $10.00 each
Loan Services  
Loan Application Fee for Unsecured Loans $30.00
Personal Line of Credit Request Advance Fee $30.00
Unsecured (Line of Credit) loan add-on Fee after initial disbursement $10.00 each
No Credit Check Application Fee $20.00 each
Loan processing fee on all disbursed loans $25.00
Home Equity / Second Mortgaage application fee $100.00 each
Late Charge on Loans (15 days after due date) 20% of the interest due with a minimum of $0.25
Late Charge on Personal Line of Credits, Home Equity and Second Mortgage (15 days after due date) 10% of monthly payment or $20.00, whichever is greater
VISA Credit Card Services  
Late payment Fee (10 days after due date) Up to $25.00
Over-The-Credit-Limit Fee Up to $25.00
Returned Payment Fee Up to $35.00
Card Replacement Fee $10.00 per card
VISA Debit Check Card  
Initial Visa Check Card and Visa Check Card monthly maintenance FREE
Replacement of lost, damaged or stolen Check Card $10.00 / Card per incident
ATM cash withdrawal at a non-credit union ATM
(Free at our ATM's and Presto Network ATMs)
$3.50 each
Balance Inquiry (Free at our ATM's and Presto Network ATMs) $2.00 each
Items paid with Overdraft Privilege $35.00 per item
Other Fees  
Account Research $30.00 per hour /$10 min.
Written Verification of Accounts $10.00 each
Stop payment per check or ACH payment $30.00 each
Stop Payment – Official Check, Teller Check, Money Order $30.00 each
Cancel Stop Payment $5.00 each
Check presented against uncollected funds $35.00 each
Non-sufficient or uncollected funds on a pre-authorized withdrawal (ACH) $35.00 each
Deposited check (and other items) returned unpaid $35.00 each
Items paid with Overdraft Privilege $35.00 each
Member Service Telephone Inquiries (for things that can be done for free using the 24/7 Audio Response System, i.e. balance inquiries/withdrawals/transfers) $1.00/inquiry
MFCU Gift Card $3.75 per card
Coins deposit $.10 per roll
Regal Movie Tickets Varies
Subordination on Home Loans $250.00

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