Overdraft Protection

Mistakes are Inevitable… OOPS!   Overdrafts Aren't.

Due to federally mandated changes in the way financial institutions do business, the time it takes for checks to clear may be dramatically reduced. To protect your checking account in the event of insufficient funds, we offer Overdraft Privilege. With Overdraft Privilege, you may avoid the embarrassment of returned checks, merchant fee expenses and even potential damage to your credit rating! Overdraft Privilege allows us to consider, without obligation on our part, payment of your reasonable overdrafts. Overdraft Privilege is not a line of credit and should not be used to finance routine expenses. Not all accounts are eligible; some restrictions apply. Fees are outlined in the Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy.

  • No annual fee

  • No interest charge (NSF fees still apply)

  • Overdrafts may be covered up to $500 after subtracting the amount of the overdraft fee(s)

How to sign up for Overdraft Privilege:


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