24/7 Audio Response System 1.800.778.1626

Our 24/7 Audio Response System is a FREE service providing you with round the clock automated access to your account by telephone. Our 24/7 Audio Response System allows you to communicate directly to our state-of-the-art computer system. It will guide you through transaction codes you enter by responding to audio tones produced by the number, pound (#) and asterisk (*) keys on your touch- tone phone.

Our automated response system allows you to perform many of the same transactions you would in person or via the Internet.

  • Get your account balances

  • Find out if a check has cleared (Share Draft)

  • Transfer funds

  • Request a check withdrawal

  • And more!

You can access our 24/7 Audio Response System by dialing (800) 778-1626.

When using the Audio Response System, your personal identification number (PIN) is the last four digits of your Social Security Number. On your initial system access, your PIN should be updated. Your PIN is strictly confidential and may be changed at any time. If you need help, please contact our Member Services Dept. 305.377.1017.

Instructions for the Audio Response Service:

Welcome to Miami FCU Audio Response Service.

Quick check, press 1
Enter your member, followed by the # sign
Enter your PIN #, followed by the # sign

  • Account balances (automatically provided for shares and share draft account), to repeat this information, press 1

  • Listing of most recent transactions for Shares (Savings), press 2

  • Listing of most recent transactions for Share Draft (Checking), press 3

  • To transfer funds from savings to checking, press 4

  • To transfer funds from checking to savings, press 5

  • To return to the previous menu, press the * key.

Account Inquiries, press 2

  • Account Balances, press 1

  • Account History, press 2

  • Tax and IRA Information, press 3

Financial Transactions, press 3

  • Transfer funds between accounts, press 1

  • To make a loan or credit card payment, press 2

  • For a cross account transaction, press 3

  • To withdraw funds by check, press 4

  • To return to the previous menu, press the * key

Member Services, press 4

  • Checking account services, press 1

  • To request a statement photocopy, press 2

  • To change your PIN#, press 3

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