We are aware of a texting scam that has been received by members and non-members of Miami Federal Credit Union. This is a scam. If you receive a text or email request – DELETE IT – DO NOT CALL THE PHONE NUMBER PROVIDED.

Miami Federal Credit Union, the NCUA or any other credit union affiliate will NEVER contact you by email, text or phone requesting that you provide personal information via email, directing you to visit another site or asking you to leave information on a recording. If you have any doubts simply contact the Credit Union during our regular business hours.

Wire Transfers

Wire-In Instructions

Wire to: Corporate One Federal Credit Union
8700 Orion Place
  Columbus, Ohio 43240

ABA:  244 08 4264

Credit to: Miami FCU
51 SW 1st Avenue, Suite #604
Miami, FL 33130

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Wire-In Instructions

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Contact a Member Services Representative if any additional assistance is required.

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